Great Message ‘Lil Elizabeth!

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Thank you “Pastor” Elizabeth for the brief, yet touching, two point message in church this morning. Yes, my pastor is a fantastic communicator, mighty handler of the Word, and worthy of my undivided attention, but… this morning, I couldn’t help but to observe another…

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Put Your Best Foot Forward This Year!

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Decide. Yes, decide, that no matter your circumstance or feeling, to choose to greet each day, and each person you meet, with your best foot forward this year. In 1407 BC, 3,428 years ago, Moses’ protege and one of Israel’s most faithful leaders, Joshua,…

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Yep, that’s my “one word” for 2021. Do you have one? For the last several years my family has gathered around the basement table before the new year to immortalize our “one word”. With our watercolor paint brushes in hand, and our 4 x…

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Even Frosty Needs a “Rest/Reset”

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I asked my husband to pull over so I could capture this shot. How symbolic of the times!? “You see, Frosty, since he was made out of snow, was the fastest belly-whopper… in the world.” ~ Frosty The Snowman. May I suggest a 2020…

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